SHIVA 1 : Multi-purpose work barge for small waterworks

In a project sponsored by the Dutch government and several vocational schools in Indonesia and water construction companies, PT. VAPRO Indonesia developed a workbarge for training purposes and for small business activities in water construction.

SHIVA 1 is one of the first multi-purpose construction barges for small waterworks in Indonesia. The barge was designed and constructed in a joint cooperation between the Centre of Marine Studies LPPM–ITS–University of Surabaya and experts from the Universities of Eindhoven and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It is constructed by PT Terafulk Multi Engineering. Construction of the barge was a part of a project of the Dutch Government in Indonesian facility.

PT VAPRO Indonesia commissioned the construction for training purposes and for small and medium sized water constructions. The barge is manned by a fully trained crew, trained on the ship.

The workbarge is 15 meter-long and 6 meter-wide. It has a flat bottom and is able to function in shallow waters. The draft is 90 cm and the ship can fall dry. It is self-propelling and by using its unique spud pole system, the ship can be directed and stabilized precisely to the right work spot.

SHIVA 1 Work barge is able to perform many functions :

  • Jetty- and footbridge construction, restoration, repair & cleaning
  • Construction of bridges
  • Above and underwater inspection and maintenance of pipes / piles
  • Bank protection, dam and sluices construction, maintenance, restoration & repair
  • Breakwater and seawall construction
  • Piling and sheet-piling
  • Dredging of channels, ports, and land reclamation
  • Construction of drainage channel in urban water areas
  • Towing, salvage and rescue
  • Training of all round water construction crew

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VAPRO Consulted on How to Clean River Sedimentation

In the “All-round Water Construction Worker” education and training program, VAPRO has built a workbarge named SHIVA 1, for the purpose of training and doing small waterworks. For this, SHIVA 1 is equipped with a lot of equipments, like excavator, sand pump, vibratory hammer, welding equipments, etc. One of the capabilities of SHIVA 1 is to do small dredging works, for example: in the near shore or in the river.

Therefore, VAPRO has received an inquiry to use SHIVA 1 to clean one of the rivers in Bali. However after preliminary survey by VAPRO, SHIVA 1 is not very suitable for the river. The reason is because there are a lot of obstacles (road, bridges, garbage) in the narrow and very shallow river.

VAPRO then consulted on how to clean the river from sedimentation, by a consultation project. As the result of this project, currently VAPRO helps to search and find suitable equipments and methods to clean the river in an effective and sustainable way.

If you are interested to know more about this, please contact us.

Practical Training with SHIVA I

As a part of the new training program “all round water construction worker”, the students from 3 schools have the finished their training at the brand new VAPRO work barge SHIVA I, in Pasir Putih, Situbondo. This training was very successful. Students liked the practical training activities like sailing and positioning with SHIVA I, working with the excavator for lifting and rigging, construction with the concrete mixer, piling with the hydraulic vibratory hammer, welding and so on.

SHIVA I right now, stationed in Pasir Putih (near Situbondo, about 180 km east of Surabaya) is ready to be hired for small waterworks by companies or governmental organizations. It is very suitable for small dredging works, constructing or maintaining jetties or bridges, piling works, land reclamations and comparable tasks. The size of the ship, with a draft of 0.8 meter makes it possible to perform tasks which are normally not possible for larger ships. Its ability to “fall dry” is unique in shallow waters.

Technical Specification of SHIVA I

SHIVA I can also deliver some equipments design, construct water works with the assistance of some experts from Indonesia and Netherlands. We will assist our client to achieve their ideas on water works.

For inquiry, you can contact VAPRO via:
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T : +62 853 1169 1975 (Dedi Kurniawan Kosim, Business Development)

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